Someone Experienced check this list! [500€ Gaming Build]

So my friend wants to build a new pc for gaming, however, it's going to be low end build, and it has to be under 500 €. I have listed him some parts that he could build the computer from. I'm not sure if all the parts fit, and will this be a good build at all, but I'm hoping you guys could help me.

If you can come up with better build, please post it below.

  Thank you for your answers!

I would definitely change out the power supply. Go with Corsair or Seasonic or XFX. Otherwise everything looks pretty solid. Nice job budgeting.

Why would you change the power supply, if I may ask?
Also, do all those parts fit together?  Edit: I just saw the corsair CX 600 V2(59€), is that what you meant by switching the power supply, a better brand?

Corsairs CX series are the worst. TX is the series you want....


But whats wrong with Be Quit! ? Only heard good about them.

What makes you say that Corsair CX series are the worst?

Just stop with the useless powersupply advices when you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

First: The Be Quiet! powersupply you had in your initial build is fine Cat Bat. The circuit itself is made by FSP and should hold a high quality standard, Be Quiet! is overall a respected brand.

A comment like "Corsair CX is just the worst" is also quite ridiculous, while it's true that they don't hold the same standard when it comes to line stability and ripple when compared to their TX and AX brothers is true, they're by no means a bad choice when on a tight budget.

Conclusion, just go with the Be Quiet! PSU, I'm sure you'll be satisifed.

The CX series started of with the CX430, that was made by seasonic, and sold under Corsair, and it got only bad reviews, and the CX series work now sure, but it seems to be an expencive budget psu, I wouldnt recomend it.

I dont trust the CX series.

Thank you for your great reply, I love it when people actually put effort into these posts. I also think that I'll take your advice and get Be Quiet! PSU.

If you want a future-upgradability option, get a 970/ 990FX/990X chipset mobo.

It's a gaming build, and you spent too much money to get a 2TB drive. Just get a 500GB hard drive, an you'll be fine. With the money, try upgrading that GFX card to either a 560 Ti, or, if it fits your budget, a 7850.