Some wierd Win bug or hardware issue with laptop monitor

 I started using an external monitor on my gaming laptop. Worked great and was loving life but after disconnecting my external monitor(just unplugged it form the back)(used the PC for an hour after that) and restarting windows for a driver install my laptop screen never came back on. Literally the moment I restarted the laptop my internal laptop monitor never turned on again.(not even to show post) The laptop works perfect it just cant detect the internal monitor and I have to use it now through HDMI... Never had an issue like this before, one moment it worked the other it did not.  have tired safe mode and even then the laptop does not detect its own monitor. The laptop has intel integrated and dedicated nvidia graphics. Anyone ever had this issue and know a way to fix it? Could I have shorted something out by just unplugging the external without changing setting? Need help as I cannot afford the repair price or even another device to use.