Some suggestions for a linode instance for personal blogging, photos, etc?

I was thinking about using the L1 offer for Linode and I am trying to round up the options for a blogging type VM or instance or Kubernetes, or whatever name they give it.
This is going to be blogs about pets, animal shelters, adoptions,etc …
I’m looking for something simple to deploy and set up, something that works out of the box but still allows you to customize.
So far I have looked at Pebble, and Nibbleblog, and I like Nibbleblog but of course I have to check if they fixed the exploits on it.

Can everyone suggest some others to look into?

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Checkout the one-click Ghost install.

Ghost is pretty slick blog platform. Not quite as ubiquitous as Wordpress, but not as insecure as a bucket full of holes either.