Some quick troubleshooting questions

Hey guys hopefully this is fairly simple.

1) So my case fans have 2 connectors, a little square one that plugs into the motherboard and then a thin rectangle one and I don't know what it is ?

2) I'm using the stock cooler for my intel cpu, does it matter which way around it goes ? I presume it doesn't but just to be safe I want a second opinion.

Cheers ! :D

1) fans have leds? might be what second one is for picture could help or model of the case/fans

2)nope doesn't matter

Cheers mate,

1) Yes they have leds so it powers them ? Still not sure where it plugs in though because it's tied to the mobo connector so cant reach far at all. Case is an nzxt source 220

2) Imma flip it the other way now so the cable is closer to where it plugs in :D

ah sorry had to look up the case to see whats going on looks like those fans can be plugged into the mobo like you have or have the option to be plugged right into the psu via the 4 pin molex on it.....just tuck the the big part behind the tray unless you want them running at 100% all the time

Cheers mate, so basically the two connectors do the exact same job right ?

I think if I plug them in to the mobo though, there is no way to hide the other connector as the lead isn't long enough, so I will have to plug them into the psu for cable management sake.

if you really want to you can clip them off too I did that on my old thermaletake fans that were like that just remember if you plug them in with the molex they will run at 100% and you cant control them

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Cheers mate, I will try it out and see how it goes ! Have a nice day/night.

update - I plugged the fans into the psu connectors which had an off cable that plugged into the motherboard fan slot, think it's perfect now, will test in the morning :D