Some questions

First of, I have a FX-6300 and a 660 Ti, woukld they work together, or would there be a preformance drop?

Also, bit more difficult, but if  I run two 660 Ti's in SLI, how should I plug my display cables, should all be in the first one or half and half?

? as in run two 660Ti's in SLI? and what cables? Power cables? Plug them all in unless you want one to not run. Or do you mean the SLI bridge? Run one SLI bridge, running two between two cards causes artifacting and some other issues. But wait, you said you have "a" as in singular 660Ti so do you mean SLI the cpu and gpu wut? Also yes a fx-6300 and a 660Ti will be fine together. I'm so confused by this post my brain hurts. I think I answered any possible meaning of your question.

I know that I should put all the power cables in, I also know only to put 1 SLI bridge in,  Yes I did say a 660 Ti cause I only have one, as for the second question I did mean two 660 Ti's, I dont think one can SLI a cpu and gpu.

Okay haha, The way you worded the post didn't lend itself to clear understanding. Thank you for editing it. I haven't personally run SLI or crossfire so someone else might better answer this. If no one does by tonight I'll ask a friend I know runs crossfire.

Okay well I contacted my friend who's running crossfire and he said it doesn't matter you can plug both into one or one into each. I assume SLI would work the same way.

Sorry if I came out as a idiot, in my mind it made 100 % sense, but I did ofc write it... But thanks anyway