Some questions about Nvidia new cards


i'm waiting for gtx 780 i have some questions about it 

1- what is the different between 780 - 680 ?

2- is it going to have another edition like msi or asus when it released if it's not how long it'll take ?

Thanks :)

Hard to tell at this point in time, there aren't any cards around yet.

They say it will be up to 30 % faster than the 680, but that remains to be seen, usually it's about 10-15% faster but it will also be more expensive, and the question is, where will that benefit the gaming experience, because the 680 already performs well with the most modern games, and even if the 780's GPU can calculate pixels 30 % faster, it's not going to be a great 4k gaming card by any stretch of the imagination, that will take more power. But it's hard to discuss hardware that is not available yet. I'm waiting for them to come out, I might get one once the initial launch price comes down a bit to a normal level.

im going to build my pc after 1 month from now do u think i better wait for 780 or buy 680 lightning for 500$?

Here you go.

GTX 780 = Titan's lil'bro

GTX 770 = GTX 680

GTX 760 Ti = GTX 670

Latest rumors. You didn't hear 'em from me.

i'll wait for it T_T 

thank u guys :)