Some questions about my first rig

Hello people from TekSyndicate. I am making my first gaming computer. I have had a few concerns.

1) Is AMD really that bad? I was looking at a few benchmarks, and there was 2-3 FPS difference.

2) Should I get a GTX 670 or 680? Will I really notice a huge difference between a 670 and 680? Or should I just get a ASUS Matrix 7970 Ghz. Edition?

3) If I get a Cooler Master CM Storm Scout 2 is it to big and heavy to take to LAN parties? Are most gaming computers just really heavy?


1) No. AMD may not perform as well as certain Intel chipsets but AMD is also cheaper. It all depends on how you plan to use it and your budget and whether you're willing to live with the loss of a few frames. Don't let fanboyism turn you off to a brand.

2) There isn't a drastic difference between the two. I'm far less informed on the 7970. I do know, however that whichever you go with, you're going to end up with a great GPU. Ultimately the decision lies upon you based on budget and if you want NVIDIA or AMD. (I defer to more knowledgable forumers)

3) The CM you linked might be a good option if you plan to go to lan parties a lot since the handle is supposed to be integrated into the case frame and not some outer, barely attached plastic POS. Yes, most gaming computers are heavy but this might make it easier to carry.

1) No, there's a stigma because of all the fan boys, AMD is really good about giving you what you pay for.

2) If the 680 is out of your price range but the 670 is leaving you with dollars to spare buy a 7970ghz, the matrix is a complete BEAST of a card, i really wouldn't recommend shelling out the extra fifty unless you plan on messing with ln2 overclocking, load-line calibration, or connecting leads to the rampage 4/5 extreme motherboards or volt modding. Really this card is for OCers who know how to play with their toys. If you want a reference card asus/evega/sapphire make them real nice, if you want a non reference pcb asus has less intense and cheaper options as does msi.

 3) 18.3 lbs, if you loaded it, it would sit at 23/25 i would say. So i mean if you're not a stick its nbd to one arm it with the handles, but taking into acount your keyboard/mouse/monitor it's a hassle regardless of case size. If 25 sounds a bit heavy for you, the HAF XB is looking really appealing as a LAN chassis, i'm sure silverstone/bit fenix/fractal have something as well in terms of small form factor cases.

Well of course that case is big, if you want one which is better to carry get a Corsair C70 or a Bitfenix Prodigy, then again, how much are you going to walk with it?

Important to note that if you run with the prodigy there's no support for triple slot cards ( like the asus matrix).

Thanks for the replies. I was considering the C70 and the Prodigy. I read online that the Prodigy is heavy by it self. BTW 25 LBS is not heavy at all. My friend told me his rig was like 65 LBS. After hearing that I was reconsidiring making a computer. The problem was with the C70 (which this is personal preference) is it is huge. I know its only a mid case but I am used to my 15" inch HP desktop. Since you said AMD isnt bad after all I think I am going with the Phenom II X4 965 BE with a 690. If I had to go to intel the only thing I could afford was a 670, 7970, or even a cheap 680. Another thing is will the 690 be overkill? Should I just go with a MSI Lightning 680 and OC it to the max I can with air cooling? or is the Matrix 7970 still better. I am going to overclock it BTW. I am only going to bring it only a few feet to my car and bring it to my freinds house.

Just keep in mind what Oxy said about the Prodigy if you decide to go with one of the beefy triple slot GPUs.

65lbs is monstrous. What the hell does he have in that thing?

You could get a smaller case but that means you might have to sacrifice power (certain components just won't work/fit in a smaller case, i.e. the Prodigy conundrum) and upgradability.

You increase your likelihood of problems if you use an AMD chipset with an NVIDIA card (and vice versa), despite the fact they are technically compatible. It's usually best to pair the same brand together. That's more of a personal preference really.

GTX 690 is way overkill, unless you have a TON of change burning a hole in your pocket. 

I'm not going to talk you down from AMD, but i thought you were talking cards. If you buy a 690 you're going to need at LEAST an i5 2500 if you want stable unrestricted performance. The phenom II lies pretty low on the performance (but at the top for performance to price) scale. If i was doing you're build i'd buy at least an i5/i7 2500k then  i'd buy the best card i could afford, 7870, 660ti, 670, 7970, 680. Also the 7950boost is a pretty sweet deal if you wind up with only enough for a 670 (which will still kill games). Also is your current case 15" or is that your monitor? Because these gpus are overkill for something with that low a resolution. 

So a Bitfenix Prodigy with a 3570k and a EVGA GTX 680 SC will be fine and smooth? I mean the case is 15" tall. I want to get a 21.5" monitor at 1920 x 1080. Also does anybody know if the Bitfenix prodigy with all the components in it be heavy? If I do get it I can always do a mATX case mod because I want to have more upgradable options. If I were to go with a ITX I wouldn't be able to upgrade ram. I want to be able to have at least 32GB of ram because I will be hosting a minecraft server that will be farerly big.

Yup, and the case will be around 28-30lbs loaded up. I don't know if it fits an atx psu, if you reall want a full size cpu in an itty bitty box the XB seems like it's more up your alley. But damn that prodigy is sexy.

Also does anybody know if there is a strap thing to attach to a case or would i have to get a case with handles? I think if you can't get straps I am going with the Corsair C70 Black. But I do have to agree with Oxy, the prodigy is pretty damn sexy. I want it so bad, but I don't know if it will be hard to do a mATX mod.