Some questions about Linux mint

I have been thinking about installing Linux mint, and have a couple concerns.

Will steam work properly on it out of the box?

The same question applies to flash.

Also, should I get the MATE, cinnamon, KDE, or Xfce version?

Finally, are there any other issues with mint that may give me trouble in the future?

If you recommend a different distro for a fairly inexperienced Linux user, let me know what it is, and exactly why you recommend it.

Thanks in advance.


steam works out the box...MATE,cinnamon, KDE, Xfce,LXDE,GNOME ect ect are all desktop environments the beauty of linux is you can install and uninstall all of those desktop envitoments at any time you what (its even easier to do that on mint becase you can just do it from the app store thats pree installed)

So if you installed xface and dident like it you can in a cuple of minutes install a differnt one.

Or you can install ALL of them and pick a desktop enviroment you what to login in to at the log on screen and use a differnt one every day if you whanted to 













Thanks for the info.

What about flash?

Flash is allready to go out the box too 

Can you install a full version of this onto a usb?

Uesing the usb as its harddrive or makeing a bootable usb stick? 

Both are possible (all tho i have not tryed installing mint to a flash stick before ive only made a bootable stick to install mint)


For makeing a bootable set up usb -->

i meant using usb as a harddrive and thnx this really helps

Quickest and easiest way to create a persistent Linux Mint install on USB (one where you install/customize something, and it's still there after reboot) is to create a VM-->boot linux mint live CD from ISO-->connect USB to VM--> select the USB drive for Mint install.

Just make sure you install your bootloader to your USB and the drive root /dev/sdX not partition /dev/sdX1. Eject / disconnect from the live environment/VM and you're done.