Some questions about kali linux and where to start when learning pen testing :)

pretty much the title, i was wondering where to start when learning security testing and if kali is a good os to start with? should i start off with something simpler.

Kali as is, isn't complicated - the tools are =D Kali comes with all you might think of, or hear of in books; Kali what so ever does not provide you with guidance though - its a tool collection distro.

ohh ok that makes sense :) i guess i should learn linux in general then move onto kali :D

That sounds reasonable - its like, learn to walk before you run; also before messing with kali you need to create a save environment for you to learn; like VMs with vulnerable windows and so on;
Even if your "learning" attacking another persons (corporations) PCs is a criminal offense (unless you don't care - it still is, but you don't need the VMs)

i get it :) use my powers for good. but seriously i want to get into pen testing. i find it very interesting. ^^

There aledgedly (I honestly dont know XD) are tools for Windows (kain and abel) - but to get into pentesting you should get into the matter, which will mean a looooooooot of reading;

Books, books and more books; there are great books that spin around kali as well;
Kali Linu cookbook.pdf - if you still can find it on the webs; was a free e-book a view months back

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ok thanks for the awesome help and advice :) ill get to reading and messing around in vm's again thanks for all the help. ^^

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Your welcome; I am far from well renown - but feel free to PM me if you'd need help - maybe I can assist.

have fun - learn - hack the planet =)

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