Some more Zen pr0n ^_^

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I have no life ; ;

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Could be interesting. Give Intel a kick to actually make some performance inmprovements

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I don't think this really puts pressure on Intel to fight for the high end. What it does do is give AMD a place at the table in the middle in a manner similar to the RX 480. This is probably a better business decision than a high end cpu. This is a cpu that people who actually buy cpu's buy.

id love to see them make a xeon competitor. been using intel for tooo long.

My guess : There will be hardly any stocked. RX 480 style.

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This is very exciting, I look forward to use a Zen based system.

"cpu minimg becomes popular in amd sales scandal"

inb4 we have to patch the Intel C compiler again, because as we've seen, Intel will pull all sorts of shenanigans whenever AMD threatens their market.


Let's hope not, there are dim-wits that still use GPUs for mining, even though there are other ways, but I don't think they can use this as an excuse for their CPUs unless we hear it from said miners.

Why you do this to me, I am still waiting on Zen to come out to see real benchmarks. I can only hope that Intel won't pull off their shenanigans if AMD does somehow catch up magically, but considering how much Intel had to pay the last time they did it, I doubt it will happen again.

Also, I would bank money the performance isn't 2x, that's way too optimistic, but then again, maybe so if you count Hyperthreading.

I'm assuming "minimg" equals "mining" (otherwise I don.t understand what you meant).

if it's twice as fast in IPC per core, that would be genuinely impressive. Depending on what the platform costs are, that may warrant a platform switch for some. Problem is, benchmarks from vendors are always highly, highly questionable.

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Still holding my breathe. I'll believe it when I see the reviews.

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Maybe not, its easier to make cpu's as in general the die size is smaller than GPU's. Also, we have to remember that they will have had a lot longer time to dial in the process by the time Zen is rolling off the production lines. The RX 400 series and Nvidia 1000 series are the first products coming from these manufactures at 14nm besides phone cpu's. These are really the first sizable chips that are being manufactured at this process node size. There is a lot of learning that's done on round one, which is why round two will hopefully be much better. Look at Intel. Broadwell on the mainstream was not existent, they couldn't make many chips very fast. But, skylake rolls around, and there was never a supply problem. First round of mainstream Broadwell was trickling out, you couldn't ever find those CPU's in stock. That was Intel's first shot at 14nm, but with second gen skylake it was no issue. Hopefully the other manufactures will follow the trend.


"New 8 CPU slotted motherboards to be released by butterfly labs, overclockable to 6.85 GHZ with new deepfreeze/mineral oil combo cooler made with 3D printer and controlled bi raspberry pi zeroes"

You want to fucking piss me off make that shit happen.

You are like an AMD employee.

Funny I usually get the term Nvidia shill leveled against me xD

Hah! Here, especially for you. He's baking wafers for the red and green camp :

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