Some iOS 7 Screenshots

Now i've got iOS 7 installed on my 4S at the moment, and I know there are screen shots plastered all over the net, but sometimes they don't show you what you personally want to see. So here you go, here is a colleciton of shots, if you want a specific screen I'll get you it. That's if you don't want to install iOS 7 yourself.,Pdqi09Q,LNcCXS3,jYAYDuV,SadIHy0,0CocGFa,tOeVFmv,mHVM5c7,6JtEvtj,MNL7IJz,gcLYCOK

Everything looks so...plain...

I guess I expected something more sleak and flashy, but that's also because I'm an android user and everything on Android is shiny and more stylized...also probably a lot more customizable.

I like many of the new updates for this OS (and their next OSX), especially the neat pseudo-3D desktop, but question the resources required. Tell me this though, can you change the UI to something more black/dark? It would seriously help your eyes if it wasn't so damned white, but it's apple so...

So, they are ripping off of Android? Ugh.

Just like. Every. Company. Has. Ever. Done. And will do.

They're all guilty of it, no point in trying to single anyone out.

Hey guys, Metro and samsungs UI are totaly out selling us, how can we stop this? 

Lets mix them togeather! 


I feel thats how apple has always been, just mixing things togeather and saying its new

I was expecting minimal changes but this has come to a surprise and a possibility of becoming the next "Windows 8". Welcome to 1st world issues, guys.

"Let's rip off android and make every UI element round so that it doesn't look the same"

Doesn't actually look bad except for homescreen and icons. Those just don't fit the style.

I've played for it for a while now and like they always do, no customization features. The only was to get dark icons and such is to use high contrast in accessability.

Wait... still no widgets?

@BluMinusE Nope.

If I had to pay for my phone and/or contract I'd have got rid of my iPhone ages ago.


(Windows Phone 8 + Android) * White = iOS 7

I wouldn't mind that they were following everyone else, but it's Apple... so I do mind.

I watched a video advertising iOS7, and one of the great new features was access to the notification area in the lockscreen - direct rip from android, and that multitasking looks awfully familiar too... 

Heh, I just had somebody walk into work the other day and pretty much cry because MSFT was forcing Win8 onto their WinPhone they bought. IE: They regret going from something else to WinPhone. Then I had to give them the bad news about what MSFT was really doing with the ecosystem and how any device they had would have some variant of Win8 on it. Notibly, their consoles, PCs, phones, etc.

(Can we get a spell check for the comments plz!)

That looks nothing like anything apple would ever use

When I saw the new Apple theme, I nearly threw up. The nice glossy theme that went so well with the device that Apple has been making for years? Gone... I know there are a lot of Apple fanboys everywhere that will be butthurt about this comment, and I'm sorry. When I saw the keynote I thought the thing was a joke.


Apple has made a big mistake. It will be nearly impossible for me to use iOS 7 without a jailbreak, so I can at least theme the device.

iPhones are on the way out I feel. Kinda like AOL 49^2 or whatever they are on now. Samsung has gotten verygood at mking phones. I feel like the case / exterior of the iPhone is all that is left and with the rumor of colored iPhones and competition like the gorilla glass Nexus 4, i think Apple is falling behind. Since android 4.0 and up, iOS and Android are pretty much equals. I just feel like numbering versions only works for so long. Same thing happened with firefox. Up to version 4 or 5 it was good. It's on version like 20 now? I think in one year it went from 5 to 12. I just use chrome now.


I like the way it looks personally

It's too bad there is no widget support but if there was I guess you'd basically have...Android

I'm extremely surprised why Apple hasn't gone with the minimalist style.  I mean, iPhone is suppose to be a no bullshit no hassle phone and somewhat artisticly sophisticated, that's the route Apple has taken for the last 15 years.  I know Android is not much hassle, but whenver i owned an android device, i always felt that things could be better(performance wise), so i ended up modding the hell out of it with my own version of android.  Especially the bloated phones like Motorola and older HTC types.  So much crap was on there that it took performance down a good 20% or more; ran the battery like a pig, always pissed me off about how shotty the programming was.  Since Apple designs the iPhone and only Apple, that problem isn't there.  So insane performance isn't required to power the phone.  That's the main reason why i stopped using android.  I may end up picking one up later, possibly next Nexus phone or so (started with Nexus One, enjoyed it quite a bit, no bullshit phone).  The big selling point with the iPhone is that it doesn't have bloatware, it doesn't require a quad core to have good performance because the OS is not bloated with unwanted programs, and it's quite a programming feat, very small OS that performs; that how google was in the very beginning.  I just hope Apple doesn't follow the trend with Google, mainly because flashiness always makes the performance of a device go down.  Extra animations, and ridiculous vibrance of color demanding performance out of the display, and such things of sort.

Widgets are only going to lower the performance of the phone.  I can see power widgets working with the notification bar but anything else i wouldn't want to see that.  i just hope Apple changes their pace on the iPhone because what they're doing isn't working too well.  Even though i'm not liking how android is a power hog, i do have to say that their functionallity destroys apple.  My only reason why i got the iphone 5 was because i was so sick of how android was becoming after 4.0.  WAY TOO MUCH power consumption.  My phone would die in 12 hours and i tried other roms to increase life.  Then i just ended up going back to Gingerbread because i just hated how things went.  IMO i think Gingerbread was a turning point, they had things streamlined, didn't require much for performance and was good looking.

I'm thinking of jumping on the iOS 7 bandwagon from my old-as 5.11 jail broken version. Should I go ahead or leave out?

Suck it, support is dropped for the iPod Touch 4G version: