Some interesting articles - AI/Energy/laser based Quantum entanglement etc

some stuff i find of interest, if some newer things to point me towards, please do! these are more random points of interest than peer reviewed content, and things for me to explore more acedemically at a later time, so yes im aware im posting singular sources, but it's the concepts that are of interest to me, which i then proceed to investigate :D
some of these are not 'brand new' but thoughts/implications/more sources would be cool....

Wifi signals being used to track and identify (potentially):

New reactor goes online sure everyone is aware of this:

Lasers Mimicking Quantum Entanglement Could Double Data Speeds

AI based google scholar - distinguishing 'science' and 'non-science' papers etc by 'scouring the web'

New algorithms for 'human intuition'

'new' chaching technique enabling more cores:

near unbreakable glass:

Scientists Develop An Autonomous Nanoscale “Walking Machine” Made from DNA

New round of tests for an upgraded EM drive by NASA

Evaluating NASA’s Futuristic EM Drive

new battery: Researchers create lithium-air battery that could be 10x more powerful than lithium-ion

here is a better one for the EM