Some input and ideas on my upcomming bulid

Hey there!
I decided to build a new system for me in the next weeks. I already have the parts in mind I want to use, but maybe there are some better options out there or just some better combination of parts. I am from germany so I am not including the prices and I am flexible on the budget.
All right, the parts:

CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K (not available jet)

GPU: Asus GTX 780 Ti OC

SSD: Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB

HDD: WD blue HDD 2TB

Memory: Kingston HyperX Beast 2133MHz 16 GB

Motherboard: Asus Z97 Deluxe

PSU: Corsair AX 860i 860W

Disk drive: some blueray drive...

Case: Corsair 750D

Cooling: Corsair H100i (with Noctua fans)

maybe some Noctua fans

I want to overclock the CPU, but nothing extrem... not sure jet whats possible with the new CPUs. maybe 4,4 GHz. I will use the PC for gaming, office, photo editing and stuff like illustrator indesign and so on. I have a 1440p monitor but thinking about getting a second one.
I am not sure about the cooling unit and the SSD, I thought about a Noctua air cooler but it just doesn't look so nice :D

So some input from you guys would be great! What do you think? Some improvement ideas?

greetings from Germany!

Liquid coolers are loud, especially in a steel case. I have a H50 in a 650d. Its pretty loud, even when I replaced the case fans with Noctua. Consider the Fractal R4 if you want quiet. 

H440 or fractal r4 are silent optimized.

Liquid is fine , depends witch one . I had the h620 with noctua fan and it was silent , I used anti - vibration mounts and it ran fine .

I have never used corsair aio's.