Some help with a build

So I put together a parts list for a gaming HTPC and it's about $900 more than I expected lol. So I'm here to see if you guys can help shave down the price without losing too much performance.Or if you think it looks good that's cool too, just means I gotta wait a bit longer to order it.

The mobo and GPU I think I can get something lesser. My reasons for picking them is I like the wifi features of the mobo. And as far as the GPU I finally want something that I can play most games on high settings, and also give a great output for 1080p movies. There is where my lack of knowledge really comes in trying to sort through 100's of choices of these things is near impossible for me.

This should perform about the same as the build you posted for the applications you will be using it for.

I feel that motherboard is too extravagant, but I don't know. You can get great 1080p output for WAY less, I think.

Your SSD is obscene. 199 for 120GB is the price I see in canada. You can spend 100 bucks less and get a Samsung 840 EVO.

According to canadian prices your build is at $1712.88.I don't think you can take away $900 from this and maintain any comparable performance.

Maybe go for a FX-6100 or something? Ditch  the SSD for just an mechanical HD? If you can keep your wireless router near your HTPC and you won't need the wireless functionality. I really hate the idea of a $280, but I'm no expert on any of this.

No I agree the mb might be overkill. And I know I can't get something similar for $900 less. I thought I would have to settle for way less with such a small case, but it can fit almost anything you could find in a tower which was surprising. Had no idea it could fit an ATX board and a full size GPU in there.

It was more the RAM, MB and GPU that I knew I could skimp some performance but still have something that kicks ass. 

Thanks for the suggestions. 

That motherboard's so damn expensive, especially for just an i5.  The WiFi capability isn't worth the extra price.

You could get a i7 4770k and CrossFire'd 7970s, Wireless A/B/G/N through a WiFi USB adapter:

Of course, you could save some money by downgrading to an i5, but with your budget, you could do a lot better.

Holy crap nice job Tech Noob. Looks awesome.

Just a couple more questions. Based on the recommendations seems like there is not much gain using RAM over 1600 Mhz. Is it more of a price thing or is there just not much noticeable gain.

Also trying to find a HMDI hub for a PCI slot. Do they even make hubs like that because I'm having no luck googling for one.

If you're using a dedicated graphics card, the speed doesn't really matter.  I find 1600mhz the "sweet spot" for most builds.