Some games not loading on steam?

Antergos broke the other day., Unsurprising, so I went to Xubuntu to check out all that they have made changes too. Pretty nice, but I can’t play TF2, CSS, CS1.6, and a few other games. This seems almost random to me, but I’m not really sure.

TF2 gives me a window saying the textures are too big for my 8GB RX580 (what a laugh), CSS fives me a jarbled mess, and 1.6 pops a window up then crashes. CSGO works, but I have a ban in that.

Uhhhhhh? What do?


They all seem to work fine in antergos but that thing is really starting to piss me off. Ubuntu and Manjaro refuse to even look at CS:S. I’m not even getting error messages anymore.

Have some more BUMP.

I wish I could help you to get it fixed

especially before the Windows Fans show up :slight_smile:

Anyway another bump
For TF2 could it be the huge update?


I just opened up TF2 on my system (Solus), works just fine.

Try running the game via terminal with steam steam://rungameid/######## Youll have to figure out what TF2s id is. Dont know off the top of my head. It should spit something out error-wise.

If it were me I would just purge steam and start fresh. Thats what I’ve had to do in the past but got tired of tinkering to get games to run suboptimal anyway.


Awesome! I didn’t know I could do that!

There are some non loading Linux fixes in the Issues Fixed section at the bottom of this. None look exactly the same but could be worth a look.

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Did you try to launch Steam from the terminal?

Maybe take a look at the ArchWiki? In Arch I have to run in native mode or else some games do not launch due to conflicts with some older packaged libraries in the Steam runtime.

Well Ubuntu doesn’t get a native mode or runtime mode you get one thing only. Can’t even launch steam in different ways in terminal in ubuntu without libs that you can’t install.

I think I’ll have to go back to antergos which I really do dread…

y u no mint?

come to teh drak sied

Its a billion years old?

Are you sure about that? I have done it in Debian Unstable with Steam. I mean, I use Arch for Steam now because I am an AMD user, but Debian Unstable is still my main OS and, more than not, Debian has newer libs than Steam.

Ubuntu doesn’t use the debian repo’s

18.2 is based on 16.04 lts. Not new but hardly old. What difference does it make unless you’re on bleeding edge hardware anyway?

I would like to have relatively up to date libs and packages?

Then why did you go back to ubuntu? lol I dont get it man. I wont question it though. Do whatever makes your nono tingle.

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I am aware of that. The wiki that I linked shows you how to use Gnu/Linux to do Gnu/Linux-y things to bypass what is packaged by Steam to use native libs. 1 terminal command.

Debian and Arch are not officially supported by Steam. Debian is not using Ubuntu packages.

My suggestion was, give it a try to see if you are having a library collision issue. Rule #1 of Steam on Gnu/Linux is always default to your native libs if newer.

It was just to try it out again really. Haven’t touched it since they fucked up the driver scape with 13.04. I’d really like to get off of arch if I can. I dunno maybe I’ll use Solus or something its not THAT bad I just won’t have all of my apps. I don’t want to have to update every 3 days its very tedious.

Dude it works on Solus. Just run with that @FaunCB