Some Device for leak testing? Name plz

So I'm building a water cooled system, and i've seen on the YT channel "SingularityComputer" the guy that runs the channel have a cable/switch that is made for plugging into the PSU and the cable to the water pump. so you don't have to use the paperclip method.

Can some of you name any devices made for this, cause i know they exist. I live in Norway, so if you live in Sweden or Denmark send me a link to site that sell it if you know any!

oh you're talking about the fancy paperclip? lolz stick to the paper clip costs less.

If you're buying watercooling parts in europe, Aquatuning is where you want to go. 

here i went to the Norwegian version of the site and found the same adapter i knew of on the North American version 


$15 for a paperclip. nice. Great Value.

Converted to USD its actually 2.3$ ... you do realize it was in a different currency right ?

yes i do i just couldn't be bothered to google for a converter. fine then $3 for a paperclip go to staples get 50 for $2

I live in Norway. NORWAY! Our Stoltenberg government is taxing everything and raising it's price.