Some bands you may not know

Thought id share some of the bands i listen to. They are not as known, but god its great music


Slander  craaazy sound!



Sortilège  wish i could sing like that! (its french and awesome!)

Salem's Wych  sounds great, haha though i had to check if Trey Parker was the vocalist.. he wasnt

Chastain  Badass woman vocalist


Virtue This is fukkin great!


Alright hope you like some of the bands i listen to. Can post more if you want more

Haha.... was startled to see Savatage in there. Was listening to those guys when I was a kid, back before they mutated into Trans-Siberian Orchestra.


Ladies and Gents, 

I give you, A band all the way from Aus ... Karnivool


Please Enjoy their AWESOMENESS in all of its form :)


Just found some awesome death metal: