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Hello there! This is my first post so sorry for breaking any rules:) I will be discreet, I want to try gaming on a windows vm and stream it too. I am finally building a pc after years of waiting but I have some questions about passthrough and stuff.

  1. CPU: I am deciding to use Ryzen 7 3800X, I could go for an intel chip but I am getting 2 games with this as a bonus so hehe.

  2. GPU: I am under a tight budget so my picks are, GT 1030 for host and RX 570 for the vm.

  3. Motherboard: I will be using a Msi MPG X570 Gaming Plus. Given the amount of USB ports on this thing, would passing through a secondary mouse and keyboard for the vm be a problem?

  4. Storage: the mobo has 2xM.2 ports so I was thinking about 2x250GB NVMe SSDs

  5. Live streaming: This is the main question basically. I want to live stream my games to youtube and twitch. So is a capture card necessary or are there some ways to make live streaming possible without a capture card.

  6. PSU: A 750watt psu would be sufficient for this build right?

  7. RAM: 8GBx2 DDR4 3200mhz

Or should I completely ditch the idea of passthrough, buy a RX 590 and stick to windows?

I’d recommend simply getting two separate ssd and install windows and Linux separately. And maybe 5700XT if budget allows? I think it depends on what you want to stream. Just chatting will work just fine and so will league of legends I think

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You could go for a 3700X and push it a little. Should give you pretty much the same result as the 3800X.

The streaming is happening inside the VM? If so, just grab the absolute cheapest GPU you can find for the host. Anything over 10,- bucks isn’t worth it if you have to cut down your gaming GPU for it.

I would not go 590, polaris was not meant to be pushed like that. Grab a 5700 instead if you are going that route.

Pretty sure there is software for that, just don’t know if that introduces latency. That would be … bad, of course.

Yes, easily. Honestly, higher efficiency and a good brand will say more about the quality of a PSU than a watt rating. My R7 1700 is running 3.8GHz all core with a Sapphire Fury Nitro and that rig has a passively cooled 500W PSU. But it is a Seasonic built Silverstone 80+ platinum unit.

The important question: What kind of games are we talking? Are you sure you need windows?

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You probably need more RAM, at least 32GB because VMs can be RAM hungry. You may start with only 1 VM now but who knows where VM will take you. You may end up with 10 VMs running simultaneous stuff just because you discovered the joy and realized the potential of VMs


Thanks I’ll keep that in mind.

As I mentioned I’m getting 2 free games with 3800x so I’m ditching the idea of switching the cpu.

I’ll research more about streaming though.

I want to play competitive esports titles like overwatch, pubg and apex.

Same thing with the 3700X…

Overwatch runs on potato anyway, PUBG runs like potato anyway.
Apex might be the one to optimize for then.

I would try to get a deal on a 5700 instead of a polaris card for that one alone. At some point AMD should come out with a new encoder for Navi, not sure the old cards would be supported by that.

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