Some Advice would be great 7950 0R 7870

Hi guys first post ever on this site looking for some advice on 2 GPUs between a 7950 or a 7870 here is my two choices


Gigabyte 7950 : 

Shapshire 7870:

i have no particluar brand in mind as i have had good products from both shapshire and gigabyte in the past this is for a new rig i plan on building on christhmas already have every other part picked and most of them bought but i will recieve the rest as a christhmas present this isnt my first rig so i have plenty of experience.

Could anyone provide a Nvidia soultion at a simlar price and performance on either of these two opitons i have no brand prefernce as i used AMD and Nvidia and never had issues ( NOT A FANBOY LOL). I play alot of different games from BF3 to COD and various RTS, RPGs ETC.

the difference in price between the two AMD cards Above is £47.98 is it worth the extra money for a 7950 PS i cant afford the 7950 atm but can buy the 7870  i would be willing to wait for the 7950 ANY ADVICE ON THE MATTER WOULD BE GREATLY RECIEVED




A 7870 is performanced around a 660-660ti, its cheaper and is faster currently.

A 7950 is performanced around a 670, but also is cheaper and faster currently.

A 7870 when OC'd will perform much like a 7950, a 7950 when OC'd is much like a 7970 (and some if you get a lucky chip can even OC near gtx680 performance). Really depends what you want to spend, both are very good cards. If you do eyefinity, get the 7950 for the extra VRAM and performance, if you want a single monitor solution a 7870 will play every game you have mentioned very well.

i have alot of expericence with overclocking so i could easily buy a 7870 and just OC it. I only plan on a single Monitor set up so i dont really need the extra Vram Still a tough choice to be honest. The Nvidia cards in my country are very expensive roughly £50 extra for a 660ti and around £100 for a 670 so that inmedially puts me off i have a GTX 580 in my alienware laptop and its a beast but i think an AMD soultion will be better SO WORTH saving for A 7950 or not ???

Depends how long it takes to save for it, and how long you plan to use it. Takes an extra week to save, do it. Going to take an extra month its probably not worth it.

it wont take a month but with christhmas around the corner thats going to eat all my money LOL Many thanks for your help think i will just go for 7950 for a bit more future proof Saying that the 8000 series is months away