Solving a ridiculous setup problem, how to confront it?

A bit of a ridiculous problem, but one that i wish to solve, if possible.
My living room/home office/home theater has two separated sides, one has an “U” shapped table and the whole home office stuff, the other one has a complete home-theater setup with a big component rack.
Not long ago i built an M-ITX system, with its primary intention being that of it staying at said component rack, acting as an HTPC, but it ended up being a multi-purpose system, that i carry back and forth around the room whether i need it for home office purposes or just for entertainment.
As you can tell, the whole “carry the PC around” thing got old pretty quick, and i want to keep it at the component rack, question is, when i need the home office portion of my setup, how do i hook it up?
They are about 10 meters appart from each other, the components on the home-office setup are all hooked up on an USB 3.0 hub to ease up the eventual exchanges, i know a good quality 10m HDMI cable does work with my monitor and GPU with no video cut offs, i’m concerned about how am i going to feed the USB 3.0 hub to the PC with such a lenght.
I’m wondering, those active USB 3.0 extension work correctly? That could be an option, if it doesn’t, what do you guys recon i should use?

Could go this route.

It’s pricey, though. A good USB 3.0 active cable should work for you, same 10M distance on this one.

Note that this one does not include a power supply for it, but it’s a generic power input, so you probably have a cable for it lying around.

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A good active usb cable should work, just get one that’s reviewed and tested at the length you want. I would think 10m wouldn’t be a problem for usb, but there’s always the (expensive) fiber usb cables. Maybe usb over Ethernet is an option too but again check that someone’s tested it at the length you need.

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I’m wondering if this model here works well, its not that expensive and already comes with the power supply:

Looks to be about the same, so it couldn’t hurt to try it. Really for a keyboard and mouse, you wouldn’t need much, so it should work fine even if it’s a bit shoddy.

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And having it connected to a powered hub helps a lot as well, I have a 10m USB 2.0 cable which doesn’t work well by itself but with a hub on the end works fine.

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I do have a DAC on the hub, i wonder if it’ll work too

What about two powered hubs at both ends, could that work too?

The PC end is already powered so I wouldn’t think it would make a difference. It just seems that it works better then not trying to power things over a long cable as well.