[SOLVED] Zen2 P-States with EliteBook 845 G7

Hi, I’m new here but I figured this would be the right place to ask :slight_smile:
I recently got an EliteBook 845 G7 with a Ryzen 5 4650U and I can’t get it to use the amd pstate driver. It doesn’t matter whether I set it as a kernel parameter or not, it just falls back to acpi-cpufreq. Even when I try to enable it manually (modprobe), I get the amd_pstate: the _CPC object is not present in SBIOS or ACPI disabled error which would lead me to the UEFI being an issue, however, I have the latest revision of the firmware installed and the CPU supports AMD CPPC so unless HP did something against AMD, it should just work. It stays at 1.4GHz though, because acpi-cpufreq doesn’t let it clock lower :frowning:
Any ideas about what I might be doing wrong here?

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bad news and good news.
good news, i dont think youre doing anything wrong.
bad news, you own a laptop with Hewlett Packard ACPI system.

there’s a very good chance the efi is the issue. the vast majority of laptops that have ever existed have buggy bioses

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I did some more digging and as it turns out, I have no good luck with the G7, because they didn’t end up supporting the CPPC with their Zen2 laptops.
Newer ones seem to be supported but this one just isn’t.
Also checked with windows and it was stuck at 1.4GHz as well, so I guess that isn’t supported with the proprietary OS either, so I’m at least not missing out on anything xD
Not a big deal tho, it just irks me that I can’t see how fast the battery is discharging but that’s life I guess