[Solved] X470 to replace my X370

After some time of issues with the BIOS of my Gigabyte Aorus X370 Gaming 5, one of my USB ports on the back decided to only deliver power but no data anymore. I tried a few things (keyboard, USB thumb drive, tablet, etc.) to confirm this. The devices get power but no data.

After a quick chat with Amazon I was told to send it back for a refund. Which means I now need a new mobo.

X470 because, why not go for the newer gen? And the Gaming 5 and K7 are not in stock.

As for requirements:

  • I want my RAM to work with it (Ballistix Sport LT BLS2K8G4D240FSCK). While Crucial states it’s compatible, the vendors seem to leave that out or not bother updating the list. Or Crucial is bullshitting.
  • Min. 6x SATA, 1x m.2 NVME support. Preferably no SATA ports disabled in any relevant config.
  • 6+ ext. USB ports
  • Dual BIOS would be really nice.
  • Nice for simple OC (R7 1700 @ 3.85GHz, 1.3V), meaning VRM not getting toasty and/or heatsink not being shit
  • stable BIOS
  • post code
  • ATX (as I don’t see a reason to go any smaller and larger won’t fit)


  • BCLK OC. Don’t care for it as I don’t want to do all the annoying testing.
  • Wifi. No need for that.

As for budget, not really relevant, as I’ll get the 200€ I paid for my X370 refunded.

Actual use case aside, I want a solid mobo.

Mobos I looked up so far and am considering: Asrock Taichi, Asus Crosshair VII Hero, Gigabyte Gaming 7 Wifi

I’m looking forward to your recommendations and answers to possible questions I have.

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My guess is you need the board now since you don’t have any?
Cause at CES the 500 series chipsets are expected to show their noses. But my guess is you can’t wait until then…

CES is too late, but I have a good 2 weeks or so until I have to send the mobo back to Amazon.
There’s a deadline but I don’t want to rush the decision and buy whatever.

My board also has that same issue (x370 Gaming K7). Turned out to be a BIOS issue. Reverted to the F22 BIOS and the issue disappeared, apparently.

The BIOS issue caused the USB port issue?
I haven’t updated the BIOS in quite a while. Upgraded it to F9a when I got it and called it quits, since the first Gaming 5 I had also had severe BIOS issues.

I like my Asus Prime X470-Pro.

  • 2 x M.2 (PCI-E 3.0x4, shared with the 1_1 and 1_3, though)
  • 6 SATA 6Gb/s
  • 7 USB-A on the back, one USB-C
  • Not sure about the RAM, it supports XMP 2.0 so I’d imagine it’ll be OK.
  • VRMs are hit or miss, it seems. Some people have praised the layout and configuration, other people have said they aren’t that good. I don’t think you will have a problem getting 3.85Ghz at 1.3V, my 2600 gets 4ghz at 1.2, but I’m not sure how things are with the 1700.

No LED readouts, though.


Didn’t feel the need for a 2nd m.2 SSD, so that would probably not be a big deal. I’m also only using 1 GPU. The lanes shouldn’t be problem.

That might be an issue. Mixed reports are no assuring quality.

That’s a pretty big disadvantage. Post codes are damn useful to have.

I’m afraid that one won’t make the list for considerations :confused:

I quite like the AsRock X470 Taichi Ultimate. Though that’s probably overkill. The regular AsRock Taichi board would be good too.



  • Asus crosshair VII Hero: pretty much the best board vrm and bios wise.
    But its not the best value for money.
  • Asrock X470 Taichi Ultimate: nice board with an additional 10Gb/e Aquantia nic, and a decent vrm.
  • Asrock X470 Taichi: Same as the ultimate minus the 10Gb/e.

Can´t really go wrong with either of those 3.


The vrm on the Prime pro board is basically fine component and regulation wise.
The only downside are the vrm heatsinks that aint that great.


Spec-wise they all look great.
What about the Gigabyte Gaming 7 Wifi? Buildzoid praised in the GN “Best AM4 of 2018” video for OCing but if the BIOS is the same, then no thanks.

iirc, the Crosshair VII has a BIOS switch for flashing BIOS without a CPU and the Gaming 7 Wifi has dual BIOS + a SB/DB switch. Do the Taichis have something like that too?

Well yeah spec wise the Gigabyte X470 Gaming 7 is a decent board.
The vrm is pretty decent, but the bios is kinda similar to X370 Gaming K7 and 5 yup.
But of course Gigabyte has broaght out some updates to improve their bios.
I´m personally not a huge fan of Gigabyte boards in general.
Because their bios can be a bit wonky at times.

Asus still has the best bios imo.
Asrock´s bios is also okay, but there are some things they could still improve on.

So, the Asus should be a solid purchase?
tbh, I don’t know what to think of each manufacturer anymore. They all look great spec-wise but when you get them you notice this thing and that thing that seems like an inconvenience at such a price.

Again only one source - Buildzoid, as he seems to know what he’s talking about but sometimes focuses too much on the PoV as an OC enthusiast - but iirc he mentioned that Asus is doing some stupid stuff with their phases on newer Intel boards.

I made a couple of vrm overview topics on intel and amd boards.
But i still need to update it, but i´m kinda short on time lately.

for X470 boards.

Also i believe that the Asrock X470 Taichi has a single bios.

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Depending on which boards he talks about.

Still need to add Asus boards to this.

X399 Treadripper boards.


Still need to update those topics.

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Yup, but so does the Crosshair VII Hero (the only switch it has is for removing the voltage limiter). Only advantage it has over the Taichi is the BIOS button on the IO.

It’s most likely overkill for what I’ll be using it for anyway but I want quality all around. The missing dual bios is a bit of a letdown, though.

On a different topic than VRMs: do you happen to know what’s up with RAM compatibility? The lists Asus, Asrock, etc provide on their list seem very limited (duh, testing that is time intensive) but how much can one trust the RAM vendors (Crucial, etc) when they say “yup, 100% compatible with that board”?

Yeah well with memory on Ryzen its kinda a hit or miss.
Basically ddr4 modules that are samsung B-die seems to work best.
But i guess that your Crucial Ballistics aint B-dies, allthough i´m not sure.
Best thing to do is to check the motherboards compatibillity list.
But given the fact that you allready own those memory sticks,
just pick one of the boards you like.
In a worst case scenario you wont be able to run the sticks on the highest speeds possible.
Well then you could allways sell them, and get some that are on the QVL list.
Like certain models G.skill TridenZ´s.

I believe we had a topic about this on our forum somewhere.

@catsay @noenken ?

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Nah, they’re Micron iirc. They were cheap back then (and still cheaper than today) and I didn’t want to pay 200€+ for 16GB RAM that was sold out everywhere anyway.
They’re not the fastest anyway with only 2400MHz but…meh, it works for me and I already have it.
I already tried finding some RAM from the QVL list but they were either not available or way too overpriced.
Trident Z and FlareX seem to be the go-to for Ryzen RAM.

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One? Just search “ryzen memory” and have fun for the week. xD

Yes, the kit that just works in my experience is the 2 x 8GB TridentZ 3200 C14.

Honestly, your overclock is doing less than fast memory would do. Investing into a Ryzen system and then cheaping out on RAM is just dumb. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, don’t do that, it’s stupid.

I am on the Taichi Ultimate on two systems and it is flawless. The CHVII has the craziest VRM and Gigabyte has some kind of OC trick as far as I remember. But the ASRock is the price2perf workhorse out of the three. Buildzoid had a video on best AM4 boards or something the other day.

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Agree best value for money basically in terms of connectivity features,
and overall board design decent vrm.
And yeah like i said the Crosshair VII Hero isnt the best value for money.
Probablly in that price league the Asrock Taichi Ultimate with the additional 10gb/e Aquantia nic is still a nice addition that the Asus board doesnt have.