I just recently installed GTA IV, because I got it on the cheap from the Summer Sale, and there were some problems that I had with that, and I decided to run the game in Compatibility mode (because I have Windows 8).  When I started the game up, and went to the graphics setting to change the video to 1080p, and  all that other stuff.  The thing was that it wouldn't let me change it, and i was confused about it, and then a red message popped up near the bottom of the screen saying that I can't change it because my "graphics card couldn't handle it" (or something along those lines).  It confused me because I have the 780 with ASUS's cooler. So I went to GPU Tweak to see if something was wrong with the clock speeds. and the GPU Boost Clock was offset by -100, so my GPU's clockspeed is 0.  Each time I try to change it, it pops back down to 0. I don't know what to do.

Thank you for the help,

Tristan Sharp



Solution: There was actually two unrelated problems here. The 0 MHz was a problem with the beta driver from NVIDIA, and the GTA problem was a problem with the game itself, which were it recognized a graphics card with more than 3GB of memory as something much lower. To fix it (if you have Steam), is that you right click the name of the game, then click properties, then select "Set Launch Options...", and finally type "-nomemrestrict -norestrictions" without the quotes and it should work.

thats great ☺


its not a GPU issue from what i've learned About 95% of games that used to require "Games for Windows Live" are just Broken now. they are un-playable, games don't save or the games don't do anything. and i have a few games that used "Games Windows Live" they all don't work anymore and they used to. except for the Batman games are the only ones that still work. which honestly is expected.

EIther way the games i have that don't work anymore after the removal of games for windows live are

  1. Dead Rising 2
  2. Dead Rising 2 off the Record
  3. Mortal Kombat Kollection
  4. GTA IV (also i have the issue you have i can't run the game on "Ultra / Change the setting" and I have a GTX 770 OC to 1293mhz)


GFWL is still up and running as it always has been.....

And I know for a fact that GTA4 still runs fine.

oh i know GTA IV works. i know its playable it just won't let me change the settiings to ultra or to anything at all. and i don't feel like playing at 800x600 thats why i said it was just broken.

Why some much drama ? Why would you expect a immediate solution to a problem with almost no info? Why are your resolutions set to run lower than 1080p with a 780? Why would you think running a beta driver would be without issues?

OP listed a solution to that problem. It's been a known bug for as long as >2GB video cards have existed.

Sorry if I came off as a little ticked off, but I was dealing with this problem for a while and I knew a lot of people here had 780s, but it was my rage that was actually talking.  I apologize if I came off as hostile.

Ya , we all have our bad days. Just remember post your specs and as much info as possible in regards to your issue.

99% of the time googling  is better than posting your issues and waiting for an answer

Thanks for the tips