[solved] Windows7 strange download speed issues

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I suffer from a strange issue with my download speeds in windows7 in particular lately.
I cannot realy find the cullprit.

I have exact the same issue with both my pc and laptop running windows7.
BUt thus far that is the only thing that both systems have incommen.

What exaly happens as you can see below, my download speed on windows 7 tanks, as soon as i start downloading larger iso files.
I did some tests on both my laptop and pc, with diffrent operating systems.
Windows 8.1 and Linux, and in those operating systems, i do get the normal speeds as they should be.
I used the same download sources to test on, as you can see below.
My speed is just significantly lower on Windows 7 then on any other OS.

I allready tried re-installing lan drivers, disabling antivirus software.
checked netstat if there was anything mallicous trying to connect to the internet.
But realy nothing strange can be found.
Ofc i checked both my systems on malware, virusses and spyware etc.

So its realy a strange issue if you ask me.

have you tried tcp optimizer?

No but like i said it suddently started.
i could make a topic about it and post some speed screens.
But yeah.

i have 2 totaly diffrent pc´s with the same issue.
Both windows 7 machines.

Its very well possible windows scaling kicked in. Ive seen it happen. HOWEVER you just said this

so then id contact your isp to be frank unless you can try windows 8.1 or 10 or linux and see if that changes anything. If it ends up being windows 7 it could likely be cured with tcp optimizer

I have exaly done that.

i booted linux live on both my laptop and pc.
And started to download from exact the same sources.
I get 24 / 25MB/s on linux and windows8.1.
But on windows 7 my download speed at the same sources dont go any higher as 17MB/s max
So thats realy odd, both my pc´s same issue.

Before yesterday, everything was fine.
So i´m out of idea´s.

I get a new modem from my isp next week.
But i still cant place the modem to be cull prit in any perspective.

I actually kinda want to see the demographics of the current PC gaming market. I see people lose their minds every time Intel releases a new generation, but I feel like those people are really just the vocal minority and that most people are still using old(er) parts. Like I personally don't really see a reason to upgrade from Ivy Bridge within the next generation or two since processors like the i7-3770K and the E3 1230V2 still benchmark about half way between the i5-6600K and the i7-6700K. Hell, even the FX processors still sell well and are sufficient for quite a lot, and you know best how those processors have aged.

Well there's your problem.

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alright what were you downloading I can likely help you see if its a routing issue (isp problem) or OS... Dump a trace route from that server and lets see ... you can see where a connection is getting throttled if you see a significant deviation in ping.

Ping is indirectly related to speed but ill explain that if someone wants to know how its related

@MisteryAngel Delete system32 :P or global.dll

kubuntu iso:
- windows 7 11MB/s
- linux and Windows 8.1 24MB/s

Linux mint iso: Triple it Dutch fast mirror.
- windows 7 16MB/s ish.
- windows 8.1 / Linux 24MB/s

This all started on Thursday morning.
Both my pc and laptop, two totaly diffrent devices suffer from the same problem.
The only thing they have in commen is windows 7.
i also tried drivers etc etc, diffrent browsers etc.

Also Ookla speedtest, and fiber speedtest from a diffrent isp.
Gives me the full correct 206Mbit down 20Mbit up, on Windows7.
Just to make things a littlebit more odly.

@cynicrf i still suspect Microsoft from maybe doing some evil black magic thingy´s to my Windows7 lol.
Maybe they made my Windows pregnant with something lol JK.

What i´m going to do tomorrow, is installing a clean version of the same windows 7 i use right now, on a sepperate HDD, to see if i get diffrent numbers.
Will directly disable updates etc.
If i still get the same issue, then it must be something with my modem Qos to Windows 7 or someting.

My laptop has the same issue, full download performance on linux.
But on windows 7 nope.

interesting that would would bring this up. I also have been having issues though in windows 10. Speedtest.net shows the usual 207 down, 206 up. In linux I see 24MB/s to local servers and 22MB/s to Australian servers. However in windows im seeing 10-12MB/s? Something fishy is going on with Windows atm

I was gonna say something but its best if I dont lol :P

if that doesnt fix it lol dump a trace route for me.. Id like to see if there is any funny business occuring

Thats exactly the same issue i have!

Forced automatic updates + telemetry?

Could be the entire stack. Ive noticed issues occasionally... linux does something similar


I would laugh (and probably cry a bit) if it was Microshaft’s shenanigans causing your connections to tank.

Windows 7

Windows 8.1 in this occasion.

judge your self.
Note Windows 7 was running from a SSD.
Windows 8.1 from a sata HDD.

With my laptop i get exact the same results.
Both Windows 7.
Wenn i boot linux mint or elementary OS, i get the same results as the Windows 8.1 tests.
So i personaly nailed this down to Windows7.
Since that is the only thing both my systems have incommen.

Maybe @DeusQain or @wendell might have an idea?

Well the issue with microsoft doing it to windows 7 is iherently with how they update the network stack. they couldnt really deviate it much without break compatibility.. LOL

But yeah thats retarded... I havent noticed much. I cannot get much above about 600 mbps at the current point despite the promised 1 gbps...

Probably as good of guess as anyone else but id love to know?