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[SOLVED] WHERE IS THAT THREAD - About good multi 5.25in bay towers top to bottom - found on unraid forum!

Hi and sorry, has anyone seen that thread? I read a bit of it but didn’t make a note :frowning: I’ve tried searching but no joy, even think I found it via google and not internally within the forum.



I think it was @noenken who started that one.

Was it this one?

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Thank you for that, sadly not, but really appreciate it. :+1:

It was as long list started by someone, really wish I had kept a note of it! :frowning:

Phew, I found it! No surprise I couldn’t find it on here, it was hiding on the Unraid forum all along - could be handy info for someone though.

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well that would explain it.


Yup. Think I only visited them once before considering more complicated and painful alternatives (but hopefully worthwhile long term).

That project went full on sideways more than once and in the end the solution was a Synology 1019+ with 5x16TB Seagate server drives. … And it’s still sitting in a box because I just moved into a new place. xD

Oh, that’s handy actually. :+1:


NO! I will not start a new build now! Stop it, me!


Yes cool your jets there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Apologies if it cost you money though :rofl:

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