[SOLVED] When Laptop plays youtube videos the wifi disconnects and takes the router with it

So for the past month or two I've been putting up with this annoying connectivity issue:

  1. Connects to wifi with Surface Pro 3

  2. plays youtube (or any website that has video) for about a minute.

  3. Internet connection fails on Surface Pro 3

  4. Wireless Router immediately stops working for every other device connected to it.

Tried reinstalling drivers on the Surface Pro 3, rolling back the router (netgear WNR 2000v3) to previous version plus factory reset. But I'm 90% sure something is up with the Surface since watching youtube/html5 videos on all other devices works flawlessly...until the moment someone loads a video on the Surface.

Any idea on wth is happening or how I can go about fixing this? I'm stumped.

Hmmm, so this only happens when your Surface plays a video, and not any other device or pc?

I'm gonna be that guy and say to power cycle both your router and modem. (Though I doubt this will help, but it couldn't hurt.)
Much more than that is kinda beyond me. I've never heard of this issue before.
How old is your router?

@Dexter_Kane you have any ideas? Or know anyone that might?

Actually, check this thread out. Might be able to help you.

Sounds a lot like your problem.

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That's...the exact same device and network error I've been having. Made that registry edit, restarted the router, reconnected each device, and everything is working smoothly for the past hour!

No, really, thanks for finding this @behindthetimesgamer!!

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No problem! Glad I could help.

I edited the title to "[SOLVED]" if you don't mind.
If you run across trouble again, feel free to change it back.