[Solved] USB controller passthrough

Hey everyone

I’m looking to passthrough one of my USB controllers on my Crosshair VII Hero. I have already confirmed that I am passing through 4 of the USB ports on the back and they are in their own IOMMU group. I just wanted to know if I can append the hardware id to the ids I have added for the gpu as shown in the guide Wendell wrote or if I need to do some extra things I don’t know about.


you may not even need to use vfio-PCI, but if you do, the answer is yes, do the same thing

So it turns out that worked! The top set of USB 3 ports on my motherboard are accessible in the VM.

Now I just need to buy a cheap USB switch on amazon and I think my setup will be good to go.

be careful, some chipsets don’t play nice.

I’m on X470 with a 2700x and a Asus Crosshair VII Hero Wifi. I’ll report back if I do indeed have problems. Devices seem to reset after starting and stopping the VM.

glad it worked out