[SOLVED] USB Controller issues

Hi all! Recently, I bought a usb card for my system. I had a few specific needs for it, such as it having two internal headers. In windows 8, the card works perfectly fine without drivers. In manjaro, however, it sometimes works. Most of the time, when I plug in a device, nothing happens. Once every blue moon, however, it works perfectly fine. It would be great to have this card working again, so I posted a topic here before I accept defeat and find another one.

It’s some generic USB card that uses a Fresco Logic FL1100 controller. I looked on some other forums, but could only find some people getting it to work with different kernel versions. I’ve tried a few that worked for others, but it didn’t work.

Any help is appreciated!

Well, apparently, I found the solution. If you’re running Arch, you should install the lib32-libusb package from the multilib repo. Not sure why this worked, but it works just fine now.

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