[SOLVED] Upgrading my PC with a new hard drive

Hello Level1 forum,

I built my own PC 5 years ago with a guide online. At the time I knew quite a bit about my computer but now I have since forgot. I am requesting some help/advice about adding a new hard drive because I do not know if it will fit or not. I am using a Silverstone FT03 Mini case with currently only an SSD on it. I’d like to buy a drive that has ample room (at least 1TB) that can be used for storage or for non-demanding programs. My budget maxes out around $75 USD but would go a little higher if there is a good reason to do so. Please let me know if you need anymore information as I am not savvy with computers at this point and do not know what is needed.

What size drive should I buy(What will fit)? 2.5? 3.5?
Would buying a lower-end SSD be a better option?

Thank you all in advance

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1tb hdd will diffidently get you for 75 dollars. i wouldn’t recommend another ssd because of the price per gb


According to the page you linked the case will support at least one more 2.5" drive as well as one 3.5" drive.

So either size you should be fine.

For $75 I can’t recommend a 1 TB SSD if you could even find one for that price, that’s well into the sketchy-SSD price territory in my opinion. A plain WD Blue/Black or equivalent HGST or Seagate mechanical hard drive will be fine and within budget for non-demanding programs.


Thank you for your help. Of the hard drives you recommended, which would give me the most bang for my buck speed-wise?

You probably won’t notice much of a difference in speed between models because most consumer mechanical hard drives are all slow compared to an SSD.

A good price-to-capacity right now seems to be Seagate, at 2 TB for $65.

Although if you won’t need any more than 1 TB and want it cheap, the venerable WD Blue is hard to beat.


You’ve been a big help. Thank you!

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