[Solved] UK Made IBM Model M

Ok, so I came across a very cheap IBM Model M, which is made in the UK by Lexmark.

It costs around 20$ and it's in very good condition.
Is it worth buying or I should spend a little bit more and get a US Made Model M ?

might be worth it.


$20? why the hell not... 1985 was a good year.

@wendell have anything to add to this?

Model M senses were tingling!


buy probably if its in good shape

Thank you all for the replies. :)
This is the keyboard, the seller is saying that it's in perfect shape.

Yes, those are Cyrillic letters. :D

do you know of a good buckling spring keyboard that is cheap-ish?

May I have the tenkeyless one please? Can't really find it anywhere...

Yup, they are...

That's my baby, only one I have ever seen come in while at my workplace. It's priceless sorry.

I fell in love with it when a few videos ago @wendell flashed it for tenth of a nanosecond... And I can't find it. I don't really want to count on EBay, and Amazon don't really care about my country's existence...

The keyboard finally arrived and the experience of typing on it cannot be compared to any other keyboard I have used. :)
I am very glad I bought it. Now I am eager to buy an original Model M, but it will wait. :) Thank you all for the comments!

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