*Solved* Turning on AMD SVM causes windows 10 to crash ( blue screen)

So the title says it all and after Google gave me no answers I thought I’d ask you people.
After I enable AMD SVM in my BIOS for my 1600x I get a blue screen crash from Windows.
It boots normally when the option is turned off.
Removing the slight OC I gave my RAM

Any help would be appreciated and if you can’t offer any help a joke to lift my spirits would be suffice

UPDATE: So after updating windows to the fall creators update I can turn on SVM in the BIOS and it will boot into Windows no problem. I guess the issue was with Windows and not AMD or my motherboard.


Congratulations on having the issue solved. Sometimes updating a pc can solve an issue. In this case it appears from you it was. As a result I’m going to lock this thread. If you do have any further issues feel free to make a new thread about that said issue.

Thread is locked cause user solved their own issue. No longer a need to have it be open.