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[Solved] Sub 100 USD, closed-back headphones for me


Hi, i have been using Creative Aurvana Live 2 headphones for a year and a half. The headphones failed on warranty and i will get a replacement pair from the polish retailer (can be same or higher priced).

What i did not like about the Aurvana Live 2:
-fatigue on top of head, due to poor design of metal frame (U-profile with sharp edges towards head) and to thin cushioning
-short cable (1,2m)

What i did like about them:
-good sound quality/characteristic
-proper cushioning around ears
-sound isolation

I come for advice on what headphones to get as replacement. I want to spend up to 100 PLN on the upgrade, meaning that the new pair should be sub 100 dollars (400 PLN).
My use case shifted a little as i now have speakers for listening to music at home (Jazz, Electro-Swing and Metal).
Nowadays i use headphones mainly for listening to Spotify at work while working with CAD in a crowded open-space office (shared with purchasing -.-). Other uses are consuming content at home and playing FPS games under Windows.

Seeking over-ear headphones under 100 dollars (400 PLN). Preferred closed-back headphones with good sound isolation. Comfort and manufacturing quality are more important than sound reproduction. No preference on wired/wireless. Integrated microphone would be nice, but is not a must have. Combo-Jack preferred, pair will be used with Dell Precision 7520, Inspiron 7559 and an Android phone. I will not be able to install extra software on the Precision laptop so I expect them to work out of the box.
I found these alternatives, please help me choose or propose another pair from the offering of the retailer (link below has filters included).

Corsair HS60
HyperX Cloud Alpha
Audio-Technica ATH-M40X

Thanks in advance for your response ^^



The Audio Technica ATH-M40X are generally considered very good headphones for the money, they would be my suggestion out of the three you have listed.



I agree with that… In general terms “gaming headsets” are not great. If your goal is, and you said it is

A headphones from audio brand without the “gaming” prefix would give you better quality than most gaming headsets.
Also I have an AudioTechnika headphones home. The only reason I am not using them is, that they are way larger than expected and are not comfortable due to the large size… Otherwise the sound quality is way better than my surround sound and my sennheiser set…



I wrote that for this purchase comfort is more important than sound quality. I want to able to put them around my neck and rest them comfortably. I could do it with the Aurvana’s because the earcups could swivel. I have looked up video reviews of the AT M40x and I found ppl complaining about being uncomfortable when hanging around your neck.



Then you might not like the M40x. It gets quite hot in the earcups when wearing them for a few hours. It also seems to be quite popular to swap the earpads with some Brainwavz HM5 angled earpads.

If you can get them in your country, the Status Audio CB-1 got good reviews too.

The Beyerdynamics DT770 are a bit above your price range but I find them very comfortable. As for sound…a bit too sharp on the highs but some people like that.
Big disadvantage imo: no detachable cable. If it breaks you either repair it yourself or buy new ones (no idea how beyerdynamics handles warranty with an issue like that).

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I have tried on both the HyperX and Corsair headsets (Audio Technica were not in stock). I decided to go with HyperX. They did fit better on my head and now i can say they are comfortable even after several hours of use. They cannot reproduce sound as good as the Aurvanas, but i got what i searched for. All in all, happy with the replacement. Thank you for all replies!