[SOLVED] Stretching 16:10 resolution to 16:9 screen

I didn't find any post like this before, so I'll make one
How do I make 16:10 resolution stretched instead of it being with black bars on my monitor?


Changing scaling mode from Nvidia control panel worked for me.

all depends on resolution; and where do you have this issue.

also monitors themselves have button/option called auto ~ it will adjust monitor to your rez.

Well, there's no auto on that monitor I'm having right now. It didn't stretch the resolution with other different 1080p model monitor either.

sometimes its built in option in your menu on monitor ~ still depends what kind of resolution you are trying to get.

What resolution are you trying to display and what is the native resolution of the monitor you're using? Also, what exactly are you trying to display? A movie? A game? More information is required.

it depends on your gpu and connection type. intel and nvidia will underscan/overscan on any monitor. but amd will only work if it sees your monitor as a digital flatpanel.

you'll need to use Intel/Nvidia Controlpanel or CCC

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for the AMD version, I was able to achieve black bars by checking "Maintain Aspect Ratio" Box in the "Properties (Digital Flat-Panel)" menu and then changing the resolution in Desktop Properties [under desktop management]

But yes, it works, and works well.

I got it working now through Nvidia control panel.

My scaling mode was set from Full-screen to Aspect ratio automatically. It works great now. Thanks!