[SOLVED] Starting kcauldron with powershell not working

Hello sir/madam,

I’m having trouble starting my kcauldron server with powershell, but the same script works fine on batch. :confused:

The script I used in .ps1:
java -jar .\KCauldron.jar

And the script in the .bat:
java -jar KCauldron.jar

My vanilla servers work well with powershell but not the version 1.13.2 for some odd reason. But with the version 1.2.5

I get an error but it is too fast to read as the ps prompt closes.

Add a new line in your ps1 Read-Host -Prompt “Press Enter to exit”. This will keep the window open until you press enter.

Thank you, tho I did solve it by running the script file with powershell

and the file was run.