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[SOLVED] Sound issues after Nvidia Driver update

I upgraded/updated my OS two days ago and during the upgrade I also installed the latest NVIDIA driver for linux version 440.44.

Back then I didn’t realize that sound was completely distorted and I did some subsequent updates. When I first noticed the sound distortion I was assuming it was system wide cause distortions occured In browser, Discord and some local media files as well. So first thing I did, was downgrade pulseaudio which I updated but no success.

Later I tried different things, like plugging in my head phones, once to my TV and display as well as my motherboard. On TV and display both distorions stayed the same, but to my surprise the boars sound was fine. Which makes it clear that the graphics card update was reponsible.

Ok same procedure with the drivers from NVIDIA, downgraded to a lower version, which previously worked, but distortions are still present. As I wasn’t able to find much information on what the installer for the proprietary NVIDA driver actually does.

Any suggestions on how to continue from here on, or any viable information on what the installer does?

I upgraded my OS Fedora 30 to Fedora 31 now there is no sound at all :smiley:

Upgrading stuff is working great for me so far, maybe I should stop doing that?!?

As a sucker I continued upgrading against my better knowledge a newer kernel was available … now sounds works again … didn’t do anything at all so no clue what I could have made differently … except maybe downgrading successfully before and waiting for a newer kernel …

Welcome to nvidia in linux

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