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[SOLVED] Seeking Feedback on a Home-Server build [NAS, Plex, Git, Game-server, more]


I will second using a separate machine for virtualization rather than assigning too many responsibilities to a single machine. Can you theoretically get everything running in a single box? Sure. Is it practical, reliable, reasonable, beneficial, worthwhile? I don’t think so.

That said, the latest FreeNAS does have a RancherOS VM for docker/kubernetes fun, and I think Windows VMs aren’t actually that hard to set up. It is likely going to be good enough for your needs. Going fully virtualized xenserver is not only overkill, but honestly it’s going to make things worse not better.


Hello again,

so just a small update, I would like to pull the trigger for this build before the Christmas break and still have one question unanswered, so I would really appreciate if you could help me again.

I have to this date not used a UPS, this is due to good (modern) wiring in my flat and a modern circuit breaker (so things that are not depending to run 24/7 are fine theoretically), but now I would need one / want one for sure.
My question is therefor if anyone could be so kind and recommend me a brand or unit (or recommend against one for that matter)?

I really appreciated the feedback I have gotten so far and hope to have pleased everyone, who gifted me their time and posted feedback, with my answers.

Thank you all for your answers in advance and have a good day, k3rnel.

(@Novasty sorry that I didn’t ask back when you mentioned it, but back then I had my thoughts elsewhere :frowning: )

ps. sorry for any typos/grammar issues, but it was 01:30 as I wrote this :sleepy:


I have a few cyberpower PFC UPS’s, I have had good luck with them.

…depending the power draw you’ll have … I like the 1500VA one. Been waiting for it to go on sale so I can get another one.