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[SOLVED] Ram does not OC

Hello world!

My G.Skill Trident Z RGB Neo 32GB16CL3600MHz does not OC on my Gigabyte X570 Ultra. I’m running the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 with Windows 10 2009 update. It is clear to me that I shouldn’t be able to OC with XMP to 3600MHz with my 32GB, I was able to OC to 3600MHz with 1x 16GB stick though.

I tried:
2666MHz with no OV
2666MHz with 1.35V
2666MHz with Ryzen memcalculator settings
2933MHz with no OV
2933MHz with 1.35V
2933MHz with Ryzen memcalculator settings
3000MHz with no OV
3200MHz with no OV
3200MHz with 1.35V
3600MHz with XMP profile

I thought of upgrading my CPU to a R7 3700X, would that help?

It will most likely help. The 2600 memory controller is not the best.

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Memory density needs to be addressed, along with the memory speed. More memory you play with, the speed will get tamped down [some]

try 1.39v on ram, also turn off fast boot, fast boot disables memory training, it might take a couple retrys to train memory

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i kinda expect with a 2600X and 32GB of memory,
you are likely to get anywhere between 2933mhz and 3200mhz stable.
This is what i generally see with a 2000 series cpu.
Maybe a bit more if you are really getting deeply into it,
and you know what you are doing.
There are many factors that come into play in regards memory overclocking.

With a 3700X you also need a bit of luck.
But most should be alble to do 3200mhz / 3400mhz without much issues.
Some chips will also do 3600mhz just fine.
But nothing is really guaranteed.

With overclocking everything is a matter of luck in the end.
And i believe that for the 3000 series cpu’s 3200mhz is still,
the out of box recommendation from AMD.

My recommendation is kinda depending on your goals with the system.
If you are able to run 3200mhz stable on your system just fine.
I would say keep it at that and call it a day.


You’ve got the x570 board so it looks to me that you’re probably planning to upgrade to a 5000 series at some point. Otherwise you would have done a 470 board?

I might just run the memory at stock speed and try again once you’ve got your 5600,. 5800, 5900 or whichever. The newer CPUs are much better at RAM speeds.

I have not planned on upgrading to zen3 anytime soon as the prices are too high currently and I would need a cpu now. I upgraded from X470 Ultra because there weren’t enough m.2 slots.

I’m trying to do this now


I set to 1.390V with 2933MHz target on ram and fast boot was disabled.


yikes, your bclk is running 100.00 right?

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I do not know

The 2T command rate is… big oof.

Something is fucky here.

Running Memory test 86 to see if there is something wrong with my memory again.

In bios I changed it to 1T.

After the Memtest I will check if it still wont overclock the memory and go to the store.

I know am planning on getting the 5600X

So I bought the 5600X and the Motherboard was able with the XMP profile to run the memory at 3600MHz

Hell of a solution, but good that it works and the bump from 2600 to 5600x has to be nice too.

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