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[Solved] Radeon VII display garbled after driver install


I’ve got a Radeon VII Sapphire plugging in a Gigabyte X470 Gaming 7 v1.0 board. No other cards but do have an NVMe SSD.
Motherboard BIOS is flashed to latest f40.
Chipset is latest off AMD site.
Windows 10, 64 bit (Enterprise, in trial mode). I can (and have) wipe and reload to work through this. Build 1809.
Monitor is Gateway 1920x1200 connected by its HDMI 2.1 port.

When installing the AMD display driver, as the slider gets close to half way, the screen goes black then comes back garbled.
It’s nearly unreadable but I’m able to bang around in Windows enough to uninstall “AMD Software” and reboot back to working view.

When it’s garbled, I’m able to see Windows thinks it’s set at 1920x1200 with no scaling.
The monitor “info” on-screen display says it’s receiving 2400x1200.

Is there a technique I can leverage to force 1920x1200 during the driver install?



As with this other conversation, I would start by first running DDU to ensure that all remnants of prior GPU drivers have been removed.

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Important to restate: “I can (and have) wipe and reload to work through this.”

I was able to resolve my issue this morning. This monitor supports VGA, DVI and HDMI. I switched to the DVI cable that came with the monitor. I connected the DVI cable to a Startech DVI to HDMI adapter at the Radeon VII end.

I installed the AMD driver and so far it is displaying 1920x1200 in Windows and reporting 1920x1200 within the monitors on screen information.

Certainly the HDMI cable becomes suspect. It’s worth noting this same HDMI cable is usually connected fine to an HP Z book. I do realize that isn’t specifically meaningful considering how flakey HDMI cables can be.

I may try some other HDMI cables to see if my results change. Maybe not though. This exercise hints to me it’s probably time to shop for a nicer resolution display.



I have an asus RadeonVII and during clean install of win10 and amd drivers the screen goes bright yellow with green text ! Its all fine after it reboots tho.