[Solved] Radeon Pro WX 5100 in Fedora 27 not working?

I’m working on this build and everything is going pretty well.

Just installed Fedora 27 and ran updates. The WX 5100 only works between GRUB and login screen (it shows the password screen for LUKS). Otherwise, I’m stuck with the onboard VGA port.

I’ve built many servers, but this is my first custom Linux workstation, so dealing with GPUs in Linux is new territory for me.

I’m totally open to a different distro if that will eliminate headache. I did notice that AMD has proprietary drivers for CentOS/RHEL, so if I should just go with CentOS, then that’s fine. If there is a simple fix for Fedora, though, I’d like to go with that.

If it should definitely work out of the box, then I’m not sure what I shoul do. Maybe I’ll try fiddling with cables (more than I already have) or maybe a different monitor…

I got this working.

Needed to set PEG as primary graphics in the BIOS and switch off the JPG1 jumper on the mobo.