SOLVED - Quadro P620 on Fedora 34

Hello all,

A few weeks ago I’ve got a replacement laptop of my T14 AMD gen 1 from Lenovo. They sent me a brand new P15v with an Intel Xeon W-10855M cpu, 32 GB of DDR4 and a dedicated NVIDIA Quadro P620 GPU. The computer is totally different to the one I bought originally, having a massive (and really good looking) 4k HDR Dolby Vision display, very heavy and noisy. However, gaming performance is definitely better compared to the T14 and I am starting to like this new computer. I decided to install Fedora 34 as my main OS since Windows is consuming a lot more energy compared to Fedora, which was causing the fans to rampout very frequently. The newer Fedora release is very stable on this computer, can’t complain, but I’m having a small issue. I don’t know how to install the proprietary NVIDIA driver for this GPU. I followed this guide:

Fedora Fusion: NVIDIA Installation

However, the NVIDIA gpu is not showing up on Gnome’s About section.

Anyone has experience with Quadro GPU on Fedora?

I’m really sorry if I’m not explaining myself clearly. I’m back to Linux after a couple of years of running Windows exclusively and I’m kinda lost on GPU driver installation.

Ok, so I was able to resolve the issue. I was getting an error during boot stating that the nvidia kernel drivers where missing, so it falled back to the nouveau drivers. I removed all the nvidia packages that where installed on my Fedora, rebooted and then retried the RPM Fusion guide. That solved the problem.