[SOLVED] QMK and 1.4 Display Port KVM Switch

I just picked up the 1.4 Display Port KVM Switch and it does indeed not suck. I’d love to get the hotkeys working. I’m using a dz60rgb. I can write to the keyboard firmware with QMK. I feel like I’m just missing something or maybe I need to set something in QMK. The keeb is plugged into the HID port in the back of the KVM. I’m getting everything through to VIA and QMK toolbox sees the keeb in DFU mode. Scroll lock or num lock are on layer 1, so I have to hit the layer key before I can get those to register. But they are registering as shown by my keybord tester.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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To be clear, you successfully configured your board in qmk/via but the kvm hotkeys aren’t activating?

@wendell would scroll lock, etc on a function layer interfere with the kvm hotkeys registering over HID?

that is correct. I cannot post links, but if you search “qmk config_options” there are a number of options for QMK that can be set when building the firmware

NKRO and TAPPING_TERM stand out as being relevant.


Here are the keyboard events in karabiner event viewer

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Now you can :slight_smile:


I have the same problem also with my new 1.4 DP KVM. My keyboard is dz65rgb.

I did get it to work on a bm60rgb, so it’s something with the KBD fans boards

Disable NKRO by putting NKRO_ENABLE = no in rules.mk makes the shortcuts works for me, my board is Kyria

However, I need to move the board to usb 3.0 port before flashing else QMK won’t detect it’s in bootloader mode, and after flashing I need to move it back to HID port for shortcuts to work, which is quite annoying

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Dang I think you’re right. Is there anyway to get this to work with the KDBFans PCBs? I got it to work with an old wireless Microsoft keyboard but I can’t see to configure my dz65rgb to talk to the KVM properly via hotkeys.

@mesnigan you are correct. that did the trick

you need to build your own firmware with QMK.

start here and go down through all the steps.

You need to change /qmk_firmware/keyboards/dztech/dz65rgb/v?/rules.mk
look for NKRO_ENABLE and make it == to no. then build

That’s great, I wanted to rewire my desk and put the KVM under. now I can

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