[SOLVED]Program, that writes a log of all launched programs while booting


Hopefully this is the right thread for this.

So I've heard, that there's a program, that write4s a report of programs, that are launched while booting. I didn't know, how to google such program either.

I'd like to find such program, because my computer takes ages to boot and also after last booting I had like 5GB of RAM used, which is out of ordinary. If you can help me, it would be appreciated.

OS is Windows 7 Home (64bit)


Because it might make it easier to help, what OS are you using?

Oh sorry.

Windows 7 Home (64bit)

Try executing "msconfig" in a run command, and check the tab "Startup". This should give you a general overview of what is launched/executed when your OS boot.

Doesn't look like there's anything out of ordinary. But still the amount of memory that is taken at startup is not really good.

Okay, my RAM usage has gone down since the boot. Probably just some sort of Windows anomalies I need to accept.

You could try turning off all the programs you launch at start, and then enabling them one at a time. To figure out if it is one of those causing the problem.

I might do that later when I get time. I currently have to head to school. Thanks!

Okay. I got back from school. I did some tweaking here and there. I disabled some programs and services and current boot configuration uses around 2.5GB of RAM with Skype, Spotify, Steam and some other programs on. That's probably what I initially looked for.