[Solved] Problem downloading Zweihander

Hi, first off, apologies if this is the wrong forum. Dunno exactly where to post it.


I just bought Zweihander, downloaded it, and opened it up in archive manager (or whatever it's called.)


Whenever I try to extract it, however, it gives me an error.


I've tried re-naming it but still no luck.



Haven't tried other formats but don't think thats the problem.



Thanks for any help,



That's weird.

Have yout tried the 'ol drag and drop?

Indeed I have. Still got the same error, though.


FYI for anyone wondering, I'm using xubuntu.

That might be the issue.

Can you install any archiver like 7zip or winrar on xubuntu?

I think it's called unRar


Alright, I fixed it. Thanks NJM for the help.


For any other xubuntu users who are having this problem: Right click the zip file and click 'Extract to' and click the folder you want. That seemed to work for me.