[Solved, please close] Plz help me find a good open world game!

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a new game to play, I really enjoy open worlds where there's a lot to do and you are free to do them whenever you want (like skyrim and gta V however I didn't like the witcher 3).

I've been browsing steam and gog but It's quite hard because I'm not a big fan of crafting and I'm not into online multiplayers and I only have around <=$30.

Edit: I've seen mad max on sale but it seems so repetitive
I own this ones (click to see full list):

also mount & blade warband and minecraft.

I enjoyed playing Far Cry Primal. It definitely is different from the norm and the world is nice to look at. I don't know about the link I am going to share with you but look around and see if you can find this price with a more reliable vendor.


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thanks, I played far cry 3 and it was ok-ish for me, is this one innovative or very similar?


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Thanks for the reply, I already own and played it :slight_smile:

It is totally different than other Far Cry games as you are a caveman or whatever set in whatever time saber-toothed tigers and mammoths roamed.

Thanks, I'll search for a good price because on steam it's quite expensive

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is definitely not a normal open world game either. I haven't found a $30 price on it but I know it has been reduced by $20 or more on many sites.

I'm butthurt because my 1070 wasn't bundled with it haha I'll wait until this one is cheaper, it's very expensive these days.


Man I have no clue who this site is but they keep coming up as the cheapest. Anyone know anything about them? My goodness the prices are good!

Anyway if you like something different that is open world Dying Light definitely is that. Zombies .. parkour ... etc.

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Seems interesting too, thanks

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Dragon's game?
Age, Dogma, Whatever?
I don't really think there are many games, where

If we are talking about Sandbox, you can try Prototype...
You can try Slime Rancher, but that is kinda completely different game...
Rimworld is completely different game as well...
Sid Mayer's Pirates or Windward are quite nice games as well...

Yeah, that's why it's so hard for me to find games, I dislike everything haha
I looked at the dragon games some time ago but they didn't seem appealing :frowning:
am I cursed to be bored? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking at those 17 trillion games you have - I doubt that.... Just jump into any of them and you will have fun for a while...

You want to be bored - play Elite Dangerous...

How do you feel about Euro Truck Sim2 and American truck sim? ETS2 is on sale as well...

This might be something completely different, but what about Kerbal Space Program?

Or for something completely different again, Saints row 2 -> 4?
Or perhaps Mafia 2, 3

I've played kerbal and saints row, I'll check mafia, thanks

I assume you've also played the original mass effect series?

Also keep a look out for Red Dead Redemption 2 if it comes out on PC :wink:

I haven't played those, I don't know why but they never seemed interesting to me :frowning:
omg I do am waiting for RDR for pc!

Mafia 2 was decent. I'm not so sure about Mafia 3. I remember being interested in it but then heard they got rid of things like driving difficulty (M2 had a normal and sim mode). Sim mode was really good as it was 1940s cars on snow :smiley:

If you're down for it can also look at ArmA 3.
It's got a steep learning curve and is a hardcore milsim in comparison to everything else out there