[solved]pfsense vlan hell

I have never had to deal with vlans on pfsense before.
Here is the setup I am trying to deal with.

The pfsense box connects into a vlan called 100.
The previous router had the port set to access and vlan id 100.

vlans 13 and 14 have routes defined in pfsense so that I can talk to those other networks.

That is exactly how it was configured on the last router as well.
For some reason I cannot get things talking on vlan 100.
Since I cannot find a drop down box to choose trunk or access on the port for the interface assigned to vlan 100 I will assume it is automatically used as access where as if I wanted it to be set as trunk I would have to go configure the trunk on its own.

To sum up what I have done.
Create vlan 100
Assign nic port to vlan 100
create the routes for the other two vlans that it will have to talk to once communicating properly on vlan 100

I found out the hard way that the vlan changes don't work unless you restart pfsense.

Am I missing something obvious or is something configured in a different way then what I am accustom to?

I should ask Wendell if I could package him up in a box and ship him over to me for some help.

Thanks everyone.

Have you set your firewall rules to allow traffic between networks?

okay, so I should ask a question before answering that.
When making the vlan config do you follow this order?

1. assign interface. Give it an ip.. (the one I am connecting to for the web interface)

2. assign vlan to that interface in vlan tab

3. make new interface and point it at vlan 100 on igb2............

4. assign it the ip address it should have on that vlan?

or should I be binding a physical nic say igb3 to vlan 100 and assigning vlan 100 to that nic in the vlan tab?


I made a simple firewall entry for that adapter saying anything from that lan connection can go out.

hope my post formatting doesn't go to hell this time. 

So protip pfsense doesn't like the switch being configured for anything except for trunk.