[SOLVED] PC won't boot after PSU swap. Need help please

Everything is plugged in right. The little LED green light on my Z87 comes on. When i push the power button though I hear a click and nothing. I switched out the VGA cables and MOB cables but kept the CPU cables and data cables from the original PSU. Original was an EVGA 750G, the new one is a Thermaltake tough power grand 850W.

Ok I am an idiot. Looks like I will have to swap out all the Evga power cables for the thermal take ones. Just switched out the CPU and disconnected the data's and she booted. Reconnected the data's, nothing. Nice learning experience for this newbie.

Oh yeah the pin-out on the cables is different for different manufacturers. Basically comes down to if EVGA's pin-out is 1-2-3-4-5-6, ThermalTake could have 1-4-3-5-6-2. Completely electrically incompatible.

It doesn't have to be the same arrangement of cables, they just have to fit in the same sockets. Tricky thing that. (Cables on the other side DO have to fit a standard though, so don't worry that your 8-Pin CPU cable could be backwards or something, that part is standardized.)

Ya I thought that the cables would be standard. Then this happened. It is all good now though. Just OC the beast. Nothing crazy, just a little bump. Will test it out on my Skyrim and see the difference from my GTX 770 SC. Valley benchmarks almost doubled.

Pretty sure someone posted here in the forums that they ruined their brand new PSU and/or other parts by doing something like this.

WOW that is so scary. Looks like I may have dodged yet another bullet in my life. An expensive one at that.

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