[Solved]Nvidia x Server settings not saving, resets after every reboot

Well where do i begin

After seeing Wendell’s video with Linus and the one posted to the level1 linux channel i decided to save f*** windows and install linux.

After installing Ubuntu 18.04 i had opened software & updates and selected the nvidia proprietary driver issues begun, random crashing and gpu lock ups, this had all stopped after adding the nvidia driver ppa and getting the newest driver, all of those issues are now gone.

System Specs
Intel i7 6700k
GTX970 Gigabyte Windforce
MSI z170a krait gaming 3
860 evo pro ssd

Issue number 2, after every reboot i need to reconfigure my nvidia display setting and to be honest, its driving me fucking insane and i have no idea on how to make my changes permanent, if you have a solution to this then please let me know.


you mean like resolution or…?

I’m assuming you have already tried:

Resolution, refresh rate, orientation and which one is my main display

it resets every time man

Yeah and i have x server installed


Ran sudo nvidia-settings and override the x11 conf file

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