[Solved] New GPU - Nvidia GT430 to AMD RX570

Currently on the GT 430 Silent. I have new AMD card coming next Tuesday. I know on Windows 10, one could use the software DDU to completely remove the drivers before installing the new card. Are there any equivalent piece of software to use for linux? If not, what are the recommended procedures? I run Windows 10, MX Linux and Arch Labs Linux on separate ssd / hdd. The cpu is i5-3470 on the Asus P8Z77-Deluxe motherboard. Do I need to do anything with the Intel video driver or can I just disable it graphics in bios? Thanks.

I’ve never had to use DDU except for modding drivers, just plug new card in, install new drivers and uninstall old ones, leave physx installed as a lot of games need it
as far as windows goes anyway

everything is usually a research involved process on linux

Not needed. The AMD driver is a kernel module which is loaded automatically when an AMD GPU is detected (unless explicitely set otherwise, for VFIO for example). You also don’t necessarily need to uninstall the nvidia driver, as it’s just not loaded when no nvidia card is detected.

On Windows, I used DDU myself just out of habit, but I believe it’s not necessary anymore either. You can also run both an nvidia and AMD card at the same time with no issues.

You can leave it on or turn it of as is your preference. You don’t need to do anything with the driver, it works the same way as the AMD driver.


Thought I share with you that I did use DDU to remove all the old Nvidia drivers. Put the new card in and Windows 10 auto detected the card. Currently, I am running at 1440p without AMD drivers. However, I have a new Acer 32" 2560x1440 ips monitor. It is free sync and I believe it is a 75hz monitor. Without the AMD driver, I can only run at 60 hz.

Question. I suppose I need to download AMD driver to take advantage of the monitor’s new features such as free sync. Right?

Thanks. On linux OS, how does one activate free sync or choose the monitor’s 75 hz frequency? Currently, I can only run at 60 hz. with the new AMD RX 570.

Not sure about the frequency since that should be auto-detected via the EDID from the Display.

FreeSync still has… issues… from what I know at least. See Limitations here (ArchWiki Entry, but still applies):


You have the basic driver Microsoft gave you, you’ll want to download the latest driver from AMD to fully use the card, most few won’t launch without a proper driver installed

Thanks. That was the trick. Loaded latest version of Radeon display driver. Now I have all the features that I requested.

p.s. Today, for ArchLabs linux, I upgraded to the latest kernel. Under XFCE, I have the option to pick 2560x1440p display resolution and also frequency of 75 hz.

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