[SOLVED] Modular HiFi wiring madness

I've just got a hold of a full Technics modular hifi system. I used to connect only the amp/reciever to my pc but now that I have all the modules I'm slowly going mad trying to connect it properly. If somebody has any idea how could I wire it so I can have my pc's audio connected to it (or any pointers at least) I would be very greatful.

I've been scouting the web for the manuals but most of the places I found charge from 5 to 10 bucks for each module. I've made a simple diagram on gimp of the components I have (with their in/out/puts) so you can join them in mspaint or similar

Edit: forgot to add that Phono is occupied with a turntable, so my pc should go to Tape/VCR1 or VCR2
Having it on Tape would be kinda cool, since most tape decks (almost certain this one too) can toggle between tape and recording source, and would be somewhat amusing if I could record some music I've got to a few TypeIV metal casette blanks I've found


I just brute forced it until it worked :P
Recording works, and using "source" toggle I get direct output of the pc sound