[SOLVED] Mikrotik WAN port dropping when configuring next port

Hi guys, having a strange issue while setting up our Mikrotik CRS125 cloud router switch. First, checkout the network map:

So nothing is configured apart from the (red) connection between the modem and Mikrotik. Port 1 has the address I SSH into the Mikrotik and run ping and it works fine.

Then I log into webfig and change Port 2 from slave to master (set master port to none). Suddenly the ping operation in SSH starts timing out. When I set the master port for Port 2 back to ether1-WAN it starts working again.

What is up with that? Anyone have any ideas?


Don't worry, turned out to be a Layer 8 (i.e. human) error. I didn't notice Mikrotik starts numbering ports from the bottom row, rather than the top like usual. So port 1 was on the bottom, port 2 on the top and I had the cables plugged in the wrong way.

MikroTik rearranged the port numbers in the 6.2x releases of their firmware.